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Friday, December 29, 2006

Edelman stirs up a Vista storm with Acer Ferraris

There are times when being an innocent bystander is a magical thing.

I got word of Edelman's latest through Scoble and I personally think he's right about the ethics.

Still, hearing positive comments like Scott Beale's about the Acer Ferrari 1000 and Ferrari 5000s "given" to some of the world's leading bloggers by Microsoft in collaboration with AMD to promote Vista really made me chuckle.

Brilliant move I say. But then I would, wouldn't I?

Update 1: For the record, Acer's PR team here in EMEA new nothing of this. I wish we had - I'd never have passed an opportunity like this to push the Ferraris.

Update 2: I think MS has a soft spot for Acer when it comes to big launches. When Bill Gates launched Windows XP Tablet edition back in 2002, he used an Acer C100 to do it.

Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm not dead. Buried (in work) but not dead.

Just a parting shot from the AcerGuy to dispell rumours that I have given up the chase.

If anything, it's only just begun.

First thing first, theAcerGuy site is well on its way to completion. It's taken me forever to build in all the pages I want and need to fill, but now that's almost complete it's really looking good. Got the domain name secured too.

I'm also looking at structuring the site so that each product series (TravelMate, Aspire, PDAs etc) as well as topical area (people, history, technology) get the google attention they deserve. Don't know about you but I'm a little tired of having to wade through three pages of sales offers BEFORE I get to real Acer information.

And then there's video. With a bit of luck Santa will bring me a decent video camera so I can start filming the reviews/articles too.

And what else? Emm.. let's just say that 2007 could bode well for corporate blog lovers. Fingers crossed, eh? Everyone else has a voice, I don't see why mine should be the only one my end, do you?